Weaving Multiple Marketing Channels Into One Winning Campaign

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We Have a Dream

In our dream, every company in the world, regardless of it’s online skills and knowledge of the telecom world, is able to run effective, result-driven marketing campaigns.

Successfully fusing the highly measurable world of online marketing with the old generation of less trackable methods is a delicate work of art. Our technology will allow you to seamlessly keep track of all the different moving parts in your marketing strategy with a focus on our core capabilities.

Our Expertise

Text Messaging \ SMS

One of the now “oldest tech solutions” for consumer communication. The first product to threaten the effectiveness of the call is still a strong contender for the “attention grabber” out there. With high deliverability rates, text messaging in one of the strongest tools a business can use to notify \ communicate with their customers

With a wide variety of products including new industry developments, every business can find a direct way into the consumer’s phone.

  • Short codes \ Long codes
  • Domestic \ International
  • Scheduled \ Freestyle

Voice communications \ Calls

Nothing beats the feeling of having a live company representative on the phone. From long customer support calls to a quick reminder, it is mandatory to have a reliable platform to manage all inbound and outbound calls. All of our signature tracking and monitoring abilities are embedded within.

Generate an unlimited amount of calls using affordable airtime deals or VOIP options. You can build your company’s unique strategy on our platform. Customizable towards live calls and IVRs. Find your business’ own voice.


Maybe the most commonly used marketing method of these years, and for a good reason. Smart email campaigns can have a tremendous effect on the way a business communicates with its clients. Our platform can generate data-driven mailing triggers that will guarantee higher deliverability and open rates.

Every business can design their own creatives or content and test multiple campaigns simultaneously to find the perfect combination. Built in optimization tools will assist even the novice with making data based decisions.

Mobile \ Web - Push Notifications

The newest of all our engagement solutions comes with a huge advantage. It has the most sophisticated tracking abilities and fully customizable buttons and functionalities incorporated into an intuitive platform. Create your company’s own conversion booster.

Weekly updates make sure we are always compatible and running.

  • IOS \ Android
  • Desktop \ Tablet \ Mobile Web
  • The Future

The Omniloom Advantage

Turn Key Solution

Waste no time and get ready to launch ASAP. Our full suite of products will make sure you are up and running while optimizing along the way. Time is of the essence.


Dream big.
‍You need to know that you have the ability to scale in the exact moment it makes the most economical sense for your business. We have no limit


Systems failing right when you are ready for business are the worst thing that could happen. We have a 24 hour tech team making sure our systems have no downtime.


Making smart decisions is the baseline for all successful campaigns. Our personalisation tools will make sure the right consumer gets the right message at the right time.

We have incorporated all our data technology into a singular online platform that has the ability to predict successful telecommunication campaigns based on personalized features and analytics. Users can utilize all our insightful features (tracking, optimization, live reporting) on one simple & intuitive dashboard to run the most profitable campaigns. Our platform can currently support thousands of unique consumer waterfalls and is fully customizable. Give it a try at Pixellito.com
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